In an age where customers discover brands on Instagram and search for products on Google, it seems as if digital assets are everything you need for your business. Put up a responsive website, create a social media page, and you’re good to go.

But as a business—whether you’re a startup or you already have a loyal customer base—it’s every bit as relevant to make an impression in the real world by way of printed brand materials. And we’re making the case for it.

Leo on Dribble

Image Source: Poddit Business Cards by Leo for smart by design™ on Dribble

MadeByStudioJQ on Dribble

Image Source: Next Level. by MadeByStudioJQ in Show&Go 2019 on Dribble

Balkan Brothers on Dribble

Image Source: BLL – Branding Elements Concept #1 by Balkan Brothers on Dribble

Printed Media Brings A Competitive Edge to Your Brand

With so many brands vying for online presence, printed media is the easiest way to cut through the digital noise and establish a tangible and credible presence in your target market. Websites only get scanned by prospects a mere 10 to 15 seconds, and ad-saturated newsletters, ignored. Printed brand materials, in comparison, survive in your customer’s office or home for years. Not to mention, our brains register print differently: people are more easily able to recall and comprehend printed materials compared to digital data. All the more reason to ramp up your printed adverts! Ready to get started on creating your brand materials? Here’s a comprehensive guide to the basics of printed media.